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 SOPHON which our company handles is natural; selected carefully
 It deals with a Myanmar product.

 I offer it by the manufacturing method how pawn same as
 PUERARIA MIRIFICA(or, level) is expensive.

  Butea Superba
  Red-gawkurua,Pauk Red
  Butea Superba Rodx

 A Leguminosae butterfly subfamily

 A production center: Thailand and a Myanmar north mountainous area

 Usage at the spot(An example):
  Cosmetics(An effect is high when I use it together with
  Anti-ageing: A maintenance stain of the healthy raven-black hair
  which is stronger than PUERARIA MIRIFICA, a wrinkle
  Recovery of eyesight
  Recovery sexual desire adjuvant of male energy, a sexual desire
  function, erection function sensitivity, improvement of success

  Under 15 years old are the ban on use
  A person having a disease of the prostate is the ban on use

 Regulation: January 17, 1991 Thailand government prefecture
 export regulation
 I export it through a designated supplier of the government

 Medicine thing relations
  Appetite medicine division
   - The ingredient essence (materials) list which does not take
   division  2. pharmaceutic effect effect as limit medical supplies
   It depends on the 243rd PSB on March 27, 2001
article name other name Medical parts classification
red-guaokrua guaokrua All grass plant

   An INCI cord(559157)
   A Butea Superba root
   Definition this article is a root of Butea Superba

About safety of sophon
examination item specimen examination animal result examination institution
Acute toxicity sophon powder A mouse
(A male / female)
There are no death examples Japan Food Research Laboratories

 A component ingredient of sophon and the action
   - Flavonoid: A c-AMP catabolic enzyme obstruction, improvement
    of impotency,
    Vasodilatation action
   - Flavonoid glucoside
   - Steroid
     Beta sitosterol
     Cheat sheet sterol
   - Fatty acid
   - Zinc: Function improvement of the sex organs, activation
    of exercise of sperm
   - Iron: I help with spermatogenesis
   - Manganese: I raise exercise rate of sperm

 A chief ingredient of sophon and extract
   A chief ingredient(Documents value)
Protein 7.35%
Lipid 0.94%
A vegetable fiber 26.16%
For ash 1.36%
Carbohydrates 64.19%

 Extract production: Circulation multistage-style pressurization
 extraction law
   - sophon(Component water rate 10.46%)
   - It is 4.68kg for extract solidity(Anti-dry thing 54.8%)

 Production of an end of sophon root
  Work in Japan
  Entry / quarantine inspection: A check check / safekeeping such
  as microbe management, a pesticide: Ingredient content confirmation,    microbe management, no pesticide,
  Confirmation of dioxin
  Powder production: A process for exclusive use of contract factory    crude drug crush fines in Japan
  Organic JAS correspondence
  Quality control: Ingredient fixed-quantity, microbe management,
  a heavy metal examination, pesticide confirmation

pueraria sophon pueraria sophon pueraria sophon
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